Meet The Team

A young and energetic mind with a passion to lead and change is the Founder of Dream House Publication. Simson started his career as a Government Employee, but he always has a dream to become a writer. To carry his dream forward he has started Dream House Publication, where everyone is a writer. He believes that every person has a writer instinct inside him and given the correct opportunity, he/she can be a successful writer. .

Simson BiswalCo-Founder/Managing Partner

Abhisek Panda is a marketing professional and has a passion towards computer technologies. He is a technical writer at various online communities, a blogger, a teacher and more over a friendly person. Abhisek also holds more than 2 years of experience in the field of Material Management, Computer Programming, Web Technologies and love to share his small pool of knowledge..

Abhisek PandaCo-Founder/Marketing Adviser

Abinash Panda is a Mechanical Engineer but has a intense passion in Graphics Designing.He is a freelancer designer.He will lead our designing team and also look after the Media and Promotional activities.He also has lead role in strategy management.

Abinash PandaLead Designer

An experienced editor is always required for a publication house.He is our chief editor without whom our dream can not be a reality at all. He will lead our editorial team and will also act as a guide and philosopher to the Dream House family.

Prashant MallickChief Editor

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Time saving reason with direct publishing through Dream House Publications Traditional publishing is time-consuming and takes a prolonged 6 to 7 month period to complete the production cycle.We at Dream House Publications use a blend of traditional and self publishing mode for our authors. We offer a convenient 50:50 cost sharing mode to our authors to help them get published.

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Why Choose Dream House

We at Dream House believe in three core values Honesty, Quality, Satisfaction. We work honestly and tries to make our process transparent as much as possible, produces best quality books and tries our best to satisfy all our stakeholders need.Indeed, there is a first time for everyone, but we believe when there is a will there is a way. And that’s the spirit to meet someone’s destination. We will make available your books where it suppose to be and where you want to see.

Our Skills

Publishing 85%
Printing Quality 90%
Designing 85%
Promotion 70%
Distribution 80%