Dream House Publications was co-founded by very young author Simson Biswal who is the author of two books and four upcoming books going


to be published along with his friend Abhisek Panda who is a marketing professional. The basic aim of Dream house publications is to give the freedom to all talented writers with a chance to get them published. We believe there are thousands of talented writers hidden who have been underestimated by conventional publishers and cheated by some of self publishing associations. We at DREAM HOUSE have tried to solve such situations. We neither refuse to publish nor keep you waiting for the answers. We promise we must walk with you to find your dream and destination as a successful writer.

Indeed, there is a first time for everyone, but we believe when there is a will there is a way. And that’s the spirit to meet someone’s destination.

We will make available your books where it suppose to be and where you want to see.

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