Dream House Publications – the journey so far…

On September 2012 an idea came to the mind of a young entrepreneur and the journey of Dream House Publications starts. Just after one year we started our operations and launched the first book ” You’ll live again…Let Me Die ” written by Simson Biswal on 2nd February 2014.

We at Dream House believes in three core values Honesty, Quality, Satisfaction. We work honestly and tries to make our process transparent as much as possible, produces best quality books and tries our best to satisfy all our stakeholders need.

The first initiative taken by Dream House was an idea of a short story competition, which spread through a word of mouth and was promoted on Facebook. The upcoming anthology, “FUSION- A Mingled Flavour Mocktail” gained huge popularity among the writers across India and Dream House has received more than 2000 short stories out of which 25 are selected for publishing. The concept was finalised in collaboration of The Spark Times and we are able to get recognition in more than 50 news articles across India, including Business Standard, Zee News, etc..“FUSION- A Mingled Flavour Mocktail”  edited by Dr. Rachit Bhusan is expected to be launched in market all over India by 31st May 2014.

During our journey we have faced many ups and downs and learned from our mistake. We faced difficulties in the production, distribution as well as promotional matters, but we never give up. We have tried our best to produce best quality book at an affordable price and will continue the same.

Our second book “Thank You for Loving Me my last words before I lost forever” is now out from press with best possible print quality that we have taken as our standard for publishing. We have started circulating the book in the market and will shortly be available at all leading online stores.




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