Dream House Publications, India follows a unique self publishing medium of 50:50 cost sharing. Here are the answers to some of the questions that we get from our authors.

How do you work?

Dream House Publications follows the complete process of production of book to make sure that the book will meet the industry standard. Its strength lies in professionalism and total transparency in the process of self publishing. But first you have to send your publishing materials including an author bio, book synopsis and three sample chapters in a complete word-processing format for our review. You can give the images in digital format or hard copy format.

Once we agrees to go ahead with your script we will intimate the same to you and we will work towards the contract terms and then payment. Once the payment is realized the further work will start like editing, layout design, cover design, material procurement, production and distribution. You will be made a part of the entire process and we will keep you updated at every step.

Please send your inquires to editorial@dreamhousepublishers.com

How quickly can I see my books in print?

It depends. If your book is poorly edited, it may take little more time, however every book passes through a systematic process (editing, layout, proofread, typo check, cover) till it reach in the hand of readers. So it may take maximum two months.

Do you charge for publishing?

Yes, we do. It includes everything a book need in order to come out in print, unlike others, who charge extra for every other thing.

It is a fixed amount of Rs. 40,000/ Rs. 60,000 (INR) only based on the services your choose.

Unlike other publishing house, we do not offer verity of packages. We believe in giving equal importance to our every author. If a book creates more demand further, we will print it at our own cost and will not charge anything extra for further printing.

NOTE: If the book exceeds 60000 words you have to bear an additional cost of 20% for every 10000 words on Rs. 40,000 (INR)

What are the facilities an author can get through DHP?

Our guarantee package offers some of the below exciting facilities to the aspiring authors.

1. 1000 Copies in 1st print. If the Author took initiative and sell 250+ copies in online stores then we will go for further reprint/editions in our own cost without making charge from Author’s end.
2. 70-80 GSM best quality off white paper for book print.
3. 300 GSM paper for Book cover.
4. Cover designing & Book Layout.
5. Professional editing
6. 1 round proofreading
7. ISBN & Bar-code
8. Paperback Book Binding.
9. Digital Proof
10. 50 Author’s complementary copies.
11. Social Media Management for 1 month.
12. 10 promotional posters for Book Promotion.
13. Book available in Online stores like Flipkart.comAmazon.in, infibeam.com, paytm.in and snapdeal.com
14. Book availability in off-line retailing stores.
15. For books sold through online author will get 35% royalty and for offline sales the royalty will be 15%. The royalty will be calculated on sales price and not on the MRP.
16. Book display and sale in 15+ state level book exhibitions. We also conduct book show/reading events at 100+ schools and colleges around Odisha to get the aspiring authors motivated and inspired.

What are my financial benefits? What do I gain? How do I recover the money I am investing?

  • You would earn 20% royalty on distribution price irrespective of MRP. This amount would be paid to you half yearly along with statement of sales.
  • You would receive 50 complimentary copies worth of Rs 7,000 on an average.
  • You would set up yourself as a published author, who would help you increase your professional rate/fees/salary, earn more respect in society, get preference professionally, and get preference as a candidate in a job. This would result in huge indirect financial benefits.

How will the book be priced assuming that it's around 250-300 pages?

We at DHP belief in helping budding writers to grow and it’s our policy that we will not keep the prices of any book above Rs. 160 to get most response from the readers. Unlike other self-publishing platforms we will not be keeping the price high. Keeping in mind that your book will be around 250-300 pages, the MRP of the book will vary between 120-160 INR.

Can I see what is going to the press?

Sure you can. The soft copy of the print ready version of your book and book cover would be shown to you before sending to press. We will sent it to press with your approval.

Is there a publisher-author agreement we sign?

Yes, if you want.

Do I keep copyright with myself?

Yes, copyright of your work remains with you if you are self publishing your book.

Will the publishing house automatically offers the copyright to the author or will I have to apply?

As per Indian Copyright Act, acquisition of copyright is automatic and it does not need any formality. Copyright comes into existence as soon as a work is created and no formality is required to be completed for acquiring copyright. So publishing house will not offer any copyright for the book. However if you wish you can register for the same. You can find details about copyright in India at http://copyright.gov.in/frmFAQ.aspx

What does your editing service comprises? (The depth of editing)

We provide full editorial service with as much as 3 rounds of editing along with 2 rounds of proofreading. Depth of editing depend upon the nature of the script and no editor wants to change the script as per him/her; the story and editing should reflect authors actual thoughts and we take care of the same seriously. You will be involved in the entire editing process and will review every step of editing along with our editors.

Once you send us the complete script we will decide how much effort in editing is required. If the script is very well written with no mistakes then the editing efforts will vary in comparison to a script with lot of mistakes.

During the editing process you will be made an part of it. You have to also work with our editors to get the script in well shape. We will not make any changes to your script without your approval. Only after your confirmation we will proceed for the print. However we will be free to correct minor spelling and grammatical errors if any. But we don’t do that and we take approval from author.

What promotional activities will be taken by the publisher, is there any hidden costs involved?

There will be absolutely no hidden costs involved. We as a publisher will provide you a strong online as well as offline distribution network and the book will be promoted in online social media. We also put posters in leading offline store like crossword and oxford. Our books are also being promoted through our social initiative partner Green Thinkers India and we will try to feature the book in local as well as national newspapers.

We will not be able to provide you book launch facilities or guarantee of press release of book. You need to bear the expense for it. However we will help and guide you in every step and will be present at the launch events. For your information a normal book launch will cost you between 10000 to 20000 INR in leading book stores.

Do you publish all types of books? Are there any books you do not publish?

We publish almost all type of books except the following. As a policy we do not publish the following types of books:

  • Plagiarized, or copied books. If the submitted manuscript has copied content, copy-pasted from other books, websites, blogs, etc; even if parts of it; it does not qualify as an original work. DREAM HOUSE will publish only original works.
  • Pornographic or obscene books.
  • Books propagating the ideology of terrorist groups.
  • Books and biographies containing personal attacks, allegations or hatred towards real person(s), organization(s) or communities, books containing legal case histories & solicitations of past, presently continuing or planned future litigation with real person(s), organization(s) or communities.
  • Books that postulate, propagate or promote superstition and superstitious thinking (eg. books on astrology, palmistry, numerology, feng shui, vastu, different forms of magic healing).

There are so many self-publishers, how Dream House Publications is different?

We at Dream House believe in three core values HonestyQualitySatisfaction. We work honestly and tries our best to make the process transparent as much as possible, with best quality books to satisfy all our stakeholders.

There are so many causes how we differ from them. Few are as follows

  • We give equal importance to both online and offline stores, where as other publishing house majorly focuses on only online stores. We have a large marketing force for offline print market. We are in contact with more than hundreds of book store across the country where we can make available your books.
  • We keep reasonable price for our every book in order  to make it reachable to every reader.
  • We at Dream House Publications use a blend of both traditional and self publishing mode for our authors. We offer a convenient 50-50 cost sharing mode between our author and publication house.
  • Self-publishers follows package system for authors to get published while we have a fixed price for all those offers which comes more than 50k with other self-publishers. With us it is only half of that cost and you pay only once and we will reprint it further.
  • While other self-publishers follow show business to attract authors we believe in only author, book and reader relation. We have a special team which will move university to university to promote our books.

What are the four top most things you take care of while publishing a book?

There are a lot of factors to be taken care while publishing a book. If you talk about the top 4 priorities, they are,

  • A good Script
  • Proper Editing
  • Paper and Print Quality
  • Openness of Publisher toward Author

How does Team DHP take care of Book Marketing & Book Promotion?

Today’s scenario is like before you become a good writer you need to become a good salesman first with these few abilities,

  • Ability to create hype.
  • Social Media Outreach
  • Media and Celebrity access that determine the book sale
  • Large number of fan followers
  • Big budget to invest on your book production & promotion
  • And good in speaking with quality to face Audience

“Before you sell your book, you need to Market it.’

And promoting a book is not a task that one can do and complete in a day, a week or even a month. In fact, it is a chain of events and matter of continuous efforts with visibility, indeed. Apart from taking help from advantages of digital media and technology, promoting a book physically is the best bet.

Here, at Dream House Publications, our Marketing team understand the essential of above discussed words. Thus, we participate in 15+ state level Book Exhibitions and conduct book fairs in 100+ Schools and colleges associated with various organization in regular interval of time throughout the year. Where we can create a platform to showcase, promote, market and sell the books of New and Aspiring Authors.

Apart from that we have a dedicated and effecting marketing network in Eastern part of Indian and deal with 50+ retailing outlets.

We will keep the page updated and add answers to new questions raised from our authors regarding the self publishing options available.

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