Social Responsibility

We at Dream House believe that we can’t prosper if we neglect our society. It is the responsibility of each person to give something to their society. As a part of our social responsibility, Dream House Publications proudly announce its association with Green Thinkers India, an NGO working towards developing health, education and environment facilities in the state of Odisha. 

We will share 5% of our annual revenue to Green Thinkers india and our team will also act as volunteers for supporting the social cause. As a part of the association we we will be working mainly in the following areas, 

  • Health Care (Blood Donation, Health Checkup)
  • Education (Supporting young talents, Providing educational infrastructure)
  • Environment (Tree plantation, Cleaning Camps)

About Green Thinkers India

Green Thinkers India is a non-government non-profit organisation having strong aim and motto for developing our society anGreen Thinkers Logod improve the basic components. We all are having strong motto to help those people who have no identity in our modern society. We have a government which is responsible for all the developments of the society. But our nation have 130cr population and it is not easy to serve and give all developmental services to all the people at same time of same quality. Our state Odisha also has same problems. Some people in rural areas are still undeveloped in their health and educational fields. So we marked that and made ourselves ready for serving them and working for them towards the development and creating awareness for better health and education. Not only the rural areas but our urban area also became sick day by day as the development grows up with advance and modern technologies. Now a days in most Hi-tech Cities there is no fresh/clean air available for breathing due to excess pollution, industrialisation, traffic etc.. It is another huge problem of our society that our mind became sick and we have no time for others or for our nature and surroundings in which we live. So we have a chance to serve our society and make people aware about these embarrassing things for our better future and development.

It’s a proud moment for all our authors, partners and employees that they are also a part of this contribution. If you want to contribute for the social cause feel free to contact us at or

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