Book: Crossing The Seas-an attempt to live again

Trust… The five letter word which defines Life. Which connects a person to another. It’s the only reason why we live, why we have been blessed with this life. We get to cherish it, feel it in our heart, and when need be…fight for it.

Crossing The Seas…an attempt to live again

But, are the limits of law stringent enough to overpower your trust and love?? Or are you willing to take a risk into the unknown when someone very close needs you?? Would you let go of your worldly possessions and jump into the well of death??

CROSSING THE SEAS tells you the story of three people who try to win each other from the jaws of the untrustworthy life. The story which raises the bar for trust and courage.


I know what you are trying to ask me.”– Aryan said without looking at Mikash and Nidhi. “But before I answer that, I want you to ask yourselves a question.”

He looked at them both. Nidhi’s beautiful face was basking in the moon light and her eyes sparkled while Mikash looked as lost as a small boat far away in the ocean. And then, he asked them,

If I were in your place, what would have you done?”

About The Author:

Aditya Acharya, a 23 year young Mechanical engineer from Bhubaneswar, Odisha. He has a passion for writing stories. His debut novel DARKNESS…EVEN AT NOON was nominated in the list for CROSSWARD BOOK OF THE YEAR, 2013. “CROSSING THE SEAS” is the author’s second novel.

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Crossing The Seas…an attempt to live again

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