Book: FUSION-A mingled flavour mocktail

It is an anthology which consists of 25 such stories that will steal your heart away. It is not just a book but a journey of emotions that will take you

FUSION- A mingled flavour mocktail
FUSION- A mingled flavour mocktail

for a roller coaster ride. With every page you turn, words will strike the chord of feelings and emotions will grip you in a manner that you won’t feel like keeping the book aside till you reach the end.


FUSION is the first initiative taken by Dream House Publications, India, which spread for a word of mouth and was promoted on Facebook. The anthology, “FUSION- A Mingled Flavour Mocktail” gained huge popularity among the writers across India and Dream House has received more than 2000 short stories out of which 25 are selected for publishing. The concept was finalised in collaboration of The Spark Times and we are able to get recognition in more than 50 news articles across India, including Business Standard, Zee News, etc..

We are thankful to Dr. Rachit Bhushan and his team for the dedication they shown in shaping the contest. We are also thankful to Jimmy Eric

Films and Media and Radio Dhoom for their continued support. Last but not the least thanks to all the participants and congratulations to all the 25 winners of the contest.

Meet the FUSION Authors and listen to FUSION Result Announcements on Dream House YouTube Channel.

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FUSION- A mingled flavour mocktail

Guest Editor

Dr. Rachit Bhusan




Fiction- Anthology/Short Story




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