Book: Thank you for loving me

How can the accomplishment of an individual be defined? Is it by the amount he is wealthy or can it by his satisfaction level, which he achieves lowering his standards…

Thank you for Loving Me by Akhilesh
Thank you for Loving Me

What do you mean by true love? Is it all about meeting that right soul, which has been decided by your destiny or is it just a myth, which actually never ever exists…?

If it is all about money, then those who are well-heeled should be really happy? And if ever it is all about that right soul then all those who are rightly committed they should be? And if none of this then what is it that we are searching in this materialistic, meaningless world.


It is the story of the overloaded youth in the current scenario, the problems faced by them because of the difference created in their life, by us and the entire society. The pressure due to a mixture of goals set in their lives in today’s multitasked world around them. In which they are supposed to take in so many challenges at a very young age.

Towards another prospective, when it comes to matter of heart. There is a drastic change in the meaning of word “love” in today’s world, the choice criterion of a right soul has never remained the same and how is it affecting today’s youth? Should we continue the way it is going on or is there something that we can or rather we should do to bring a change.

It is about the struggle of a common boy, who faces the gloomy side of the world and his strive to achieve the best and correct for him. Simply just, a voyage which you will feel even you have gone through in your lifespan.

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Thank you for loving me

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Akhilesh Kumar